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YouTube videos include podcast episodes, reviews, resources, and all other media.

Twitter feed includes links to articles, Highly Therapized activity, and updates.

Instagram feed has Highly Therapized activity; pictures and clips of podcast, resources, and office materials; games; and book review information.

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Link to the official Highly Therapized Discord server. This is a community resource for Highly Therapized supporters. Get announcements; events such as movie nights for paid supports and live recordings; introduce yourself; add mental health memes; text and voice discussions; and add your own mental health news, clinical resources, book recommendations, and inspiring quotes.

Additionally, for paid supporter there are bi-weekly psychology movie/TV show nights and post therapy discussions.

Throne is a website where you can add your own links and wish list to items you want. The website includes all of Highly Therapized’s social links. Wishlist includes books Jennifer can use in her own practice and review for everyone. Therapy wants are included for anyone wanting to support a review for an office material.

TikTok clips are made to ask questions, share knowledge and thoughts, and to provoke discussion.

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