About Highly Therapized

Highly Therapized is a mental health podcast, resource center, and community curated for mental health providers.

ther·a·pize subject to psychological therapy.

“Therapized” or “Therapizing,” a term often used by family, friends, and sometimes strangers towards mental health professionals. A profession so essential, yet lacking the needed support for the providers that make it indispensable. This is the stance that laid the foundation for Highly Therapized.

The Highly Therapized podcast is about holding space to discuss the nuances and everyday life of a mental health professional. This includes discussion surrounding the state of mental health; mental health professionals; community mental health versus private practice; personal experiences; mental health news; and generational differences within the profession. Podcast episodes include interviews of mental health and related-field professionals.

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About Jenny

Jennifer, Jenny, Petersen is a current mental health therapist working as a clinical trainee. She received a bachelor’s of science in K-12 Secondary Visual Arts in 2018. She graduated with her master’s of science in Mental Health Counseling in 2020. She fulfilled her dream of becoming a sex therapist by receiving a certificate in sex therapy from the University of Wisconsin-Stout in 2021.

She has worked as an outpatient therapist for children, adolescents, and adults for three years. She has worked in several community mental health centers as well as having time spent as an individual contractor for a private practice. She has experience working for a 24/7 crisis team which involved completing crisis assessments for the emergency room and transporting patients to the behavioral health unit. In her work, she has written gender affirming surgery letters. Jennifer has experience with dialectical behavioral therapy, complex trauma, and sex-related topics. Jennifer actively does research in areas such as adults from emotionally immature parents, chemically dependent families, and attachment theory.

Jennifer is currently working as a mental health therapist to become a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor in 2023. She works in an outpatient setting and sees patients for mental health management, role transitions, and sexual health issues. She is a LGBTQ+, polyam, and kink friendly therapist. Through her past experiences, she plans on sharing those experiences and knowledge she wish she had when getting into the field. This is a space that informs and educates. Where professionals feel validated in their every day experiences. She hopes to bring a new light to mental health by connecting others.

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**The views, stances, and media expressed are not represented or affiliated with any therapy or counseling institution, but of my own personal perspective.
Additionally, I am not beginning a therapeutic relationship nor a supervisor relationship. If you do connect with things discussed, I strongly recommend seeking out therapy, professional help, and/or resources. Research for several topics are cited and separate from my own opinion or life experiences.**
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Podcast and media surrounding the nuances and everyday life of a mental health professional. Topics include the state of mental health; the occupation; personal experiences; mental health news; and interviews with professionals.